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Just Me And My Step Sis

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Jessae Rosae and her stepbrother Peter Green have gone on vacation together. Their parents are coming, too, but the stepsibs arrive a day early. Jessae tries to start something with Peter when they arrive, smacking his ass and making it clear that its fine even if Peter thinks their parents would disapprove. Later, she comes out naked with some shots of tequila. Peter turns Jessae down and goes to the bedroom to take a nap. Jessae isnt about to take no for an answer. She puts on some sexy lingerie and joins Peter in bed. Eventually, Peter gets Jessae to agree that if he sleeps with her this one time shell leave him alone for the rest of the trip.Now that Jessae has gotten her way, shes all smiles and giggles while she pulls out Peters cock and sucks it. She spends plenty of time loving on that big piece of meat, slurping and deep throating to her hearts content. Then she climbs up Peters body and arranges herself so that she can slide down onto Peters dick. Leaning forward so that her little titties are in Peters face, Jessae rides her way to pleasure town. Eventually, she leans backwards and throws her head back in delight as the new angle of penetration really gets her motor running.When Jessae turns around for some reverse cowgirl action, it gives Peter the chance to finally get his hands on his super skinny stepsisters lovely ass. Jessae lets him continue to admire that booty as she gets on her hands and knees for a reverse cowgirl pussy pounding. Then she sucks her own juices off Peters dick before laying down on the bed so he can have his way with her one last time. Peter pulls out as Jesseas snatch quivers around him with the force of her climax. Standing over his stepsis in a position of power, he strokes himself off until he nuts all over Jessae in a facial that is every bit as satisfying as Jessae had hoped it would be.

09 August 2021
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