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Inked black stud Daddy Zen makes his See H???M Fuck debut today and we paired HIM up with the lovely Kyler Quinn for this week's phenomenal update. The scene starts with Daddy removing his dress shirt and pants, flexing his muscles ???? and showing off his ripped abs. He teases an excessively big bulge in his See HIM underwear ?? before revealing his impressive rock-hard cock ?? Kyler makes her way into the scene and applies a generous amount of lube ?? to his tattooed chest and enormous prick before she does the old ?? Sniff N Lick ?? on Daddy's armpits, biting his pit-hair in the process. Daddy takes a seat so Kyler can remove his socks ?? suckle his toes ?? lick his soles ?????? and have him smush his feet ?? on her face ?? Round 1 ??? of ass eating ???? starts as Kyler munches away on his asshole from behind, then with HIM spread eagle, and finally from below, as Daddy squats and plops his ass on her face. The two trade oral treats, as Kyler first gives HIM a sloppy blowjob, followed by Daddy lapping away on her coed cooch ???? Kyler then hops on top for a uniquely erotic fuck-position, where she rides HIM while his ankles are almost behind his ears. Daddy positions her from some frontwards and backwards piledriver deep-dicking until it's time for Round 2 ??? of ass eating ???? where Kyler puts HIM in a reverse piledriver and rims HIM from above. Daddy then takes control of the situation, first hammer-fucking Kyler doggystyle and then pounding her in the good old fashioned missionary position until he can hold out no longer and fills her hairless pussy with a load of jizz. We catch up with Daddy in the ?? shower after to see how things went...

08 January 2021
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