Sheena Shaw - Gooey


So, if you know my personal work, you know I've a bizarre fetish with stuffing myself with sweets... Well, I enjoyed the first gummy worm video I did so much that I decided it needed to be revisited in 4K (however, this is an HD rendition). Regarding this video, the white stuff you will occasionally see on the worm is my favorite lubricant gone solid (coconut oil... it's all I'll use with the exception of being out in a pinch and subsequently having to grab the butter dish). Why has the coconut oil gone solid? Well, this video was shot on two different days and in-between shoots the worm in question lived in my fridge and was quite cold for the first part of my second shoot. Of note: having a two foot gummy worm in my fridge over the weekend lead to an uncomfortable happening when, having company over, my nosey friend who loves to dig through my fridge to see just what it is that I'm eating to keep my sleek physique opened my fridge to find a ginormous worm on a plate staring back at her. "Why's there a giant gummy worm in here? Can I have some?" >_< Anyways, getting off point, eventually, I warm the worm up enough to turn myself into a warm gooey mess... My pussy was orange flavored for days. Delicious

09 November 2023
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