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Dark Mirror

Studio by: GirlsWay

Wanting to get away for the weekend Lily Labeau, Eva Lovia rent a cabin for a romantic getaway. The girls cant believe how beautiful the vacation house is: they cant help but explore it. The master bedroom is big enough for all their naughty plans.When Eva eyes the mirror in the corner of the room, theres something about it that just weird her out immediately. She covers it with a blanket and sits on the bed. Lily takes the opportunity to immediately tease her, as she kisses her concerns away. The girls have to stop because Lily has a job interview and need to get ready to leave. While passing the time getting her magazine on she chills in bed wearing a t-shirt and sexy underwear.Eva Lovia cant stop thinking about the mirror, she cant quite put her finger on it but somethings not right, she gets up to investigate showing her sexy ass thats covered only by a G-string. . She uncovers the mirror and cant believe what she sees, her reflection flirting right back at her! Before she can grasp whats happening she gets pulled into the mirror. Trapped in this dimension her evil twice tells Eva that she has plans for Lily. When Lily returns home she finds Eva evil twin decked out in the sexiest black lingerie shes ever seen! Not privy to whats going on they kissing passionately as Eva dominates Lily, she takes off her bra and licks her tits and gets her nice and hot. She goes down as she cums again and again. Tribbing scissoring and licking each others asses the girls have a weekend theyll never forgot.

08 May 2021
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[GirlsWay] Eva Lovia, Lily Labeau - Dark Mirror (Download: Cloudfile)