Meet my boss, Brooklyn Chase. Her body will drive any man or woman insane, she's got a tiny waist full breasts, and a perky bubble butt that looks like a dream in her pencil skirts. She's married, happily married, but I knew I could make her mine.When you seduce a person you have to start small, you stare into her eyes a little too long, and you wait until she averts her eyes. That'll prove your strength and confidence in your sexuality. It's a little something that animals do in the wild to assert themselves as a leader, and you need to be a leader if you are going to be a seductress. You need to show her you're strong, and she's vulnerable enough to be taken. Once you start small with a stare, then you can escalate your seduction to a few accidental touches, standing a little too close when you talk to her, and giving her delicate compliments about her perfume or her dress that shows off her perfect figure.The final step is to make the affair look as if it was her idea, and make certain that your lover knows that you will be discrete. If you want your boss laid out over your desk with her pantyhose at her ankles and her satin blouse pushed up above her full breasts, you need her to know it's a dirty secret that won't ever be found out. Here's a seduction tip that no one else knows аbout: denounce her husband, her marriage while you're making love to her. She'll see that you're better than her husband, and your words will be on her mind when she's looking at him. She'll be looking into his eyes when they're having dinner, and remembering how he could never satisfy her, and her orgasms with him are unauthentic, rehearsed, and she'll crave the moment she can see you again, to feel genuine, out of this world pleasure.I confess to you that when it comes to Brooklyn, I can't get her out of my head. I have broke my own seductress code with her. I have fallen in love. I don't just want to fuck her, as I've did in the past, I want to be with her. I think she can feel my love for her. It's making her uncomfortable, and that's not supposed to happen with an experienced seductress. I need to come up with a plan.She's leaving the office to work from home. She's taken on a new assistant. I worry she's fucking this new assistant, and I didn't think that freckly-faced redheads were her type. I can't believe my own thoughts, not only am I jealous of her relationship with her husband, I've become jealous of her assistant, paranoid! The uncontrollable feeling on love is something I'm not used to, and it's going to change today. Today is operation day one: fucking her in his bed. She'll never be able to sleep in that bed again without thinking of me. I'll make sure of that.

28 December 2022
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[MissaX/AllHerLuv/Clips4sale] Jessa Rhodes, Brooklyn Chase - Jessabelle (Download: Tezfile)
30 September 2023