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Art Gallery Surprise


Dolled up and sexy as hell Ema Black is in for a real surprise today at the art gallery, and its not because of the brutal 7000 Euro price tag on the mediocre painting shes looking at. Thats shocking enough, but as soon as owner Jenna Lovely approaches and a cock comes out of a hole in the wall Ema knows shes about to become part of a true "work of art"! Theres even a bonus surprise as it turns out Jenna is in on the debauchery, presenting Ema with an intimidating strap-on of her own, and from there horny Ema just has to get on her knees and start pleasing both of those cocks! Little did she know these cocks would be spewing out loads of cum all over her fancy self, all while pounding her properly and really showing her whos boss as she gets covered from head to toe in sticky, white creaminess! This art gallery turns into a wet and messy work of modern art, with two incredibly sexy Eurobabes drenched down in cum and loving all the hardcore action as this gallery gets completely trashed! This messy work of art: priceless!

08 August 2021
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[] Jenna Lovely, Ema Black - Art Gallery Surprise (Download: Cloudfile)