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Layton Benton has been running her demolition crew hard from sunrise to sunset. The busty black queen is running her mans construction crew down to their bones....and mutiny cant be far off. Laytons tongue lashing of the white crew eventually ends when she opens up to them about her husband/their boss. The next chapter in our interracial love story sees Layton servicing 4 big white cocks and cheating on her black husband at the same time. The huge tits on Layton shake and quiver as her mouth works hard. The blue collar crackers unleash their work frustration on the boss wife....and she couldnt be happier. That black pussy feels the power of white wang, and that mouth houses any given cracker cock in the vicinity. The boss wife has each guy clock out by dumping their redneck sauce all over her face and tits. We have a feeling shes about to file divorce papers to the black guy whos now forced to sleep on the couch.

08 August 2021
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