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Boss Fucks My Ass ANAL

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Your assistant has just returned from her maternity leave. You know that she was just pregnant and is probably lactating now. You pretend to casually come in and check her work while she is pumping her milk. You know you have a lactation fetish and it turns you on so much. You tell her the sound of the pump is annoying and insist that she hand expresses. Eventually, you cant take it anymore and lean in the suck her milk. You get so much that is starts to drip out of your mouth. You take your cock out and tell her to spray milk on it and suck it off. She protests that her husband would not like that and you tell her that is his problem. It is her job to assist you at work. You face fuck her before standing her up, ripping off her top and bending her over the desk. You fuck her hard, spray milk all over the desk, and make her lick it all clean. Next, you go to slide your cock in her ass, it looks so tight, you cant help yourself. She tells you that she doesnt even let her husband fuck her ass! Its a good thing youre not her husband. You fuck her ass fast and hard in multiple positions. She does ass to mouth. Finally, you blow the hugest load youve ever seen all over her face, it drips down to her tits. You use your cock to scoop the cum into her mouth. She blows bubbles with the cum then swallows it all down. Fantasy includes; anal, lactation, milk, ass to mouth, boss, assistant, cheating wife, cheating, ebony, ebony milf, milk pumping, milf, work, doggy, missionary, riding, facial, cum swallow, swallowing, cum play, HD, boy girl, huge facial, big cum shot, cum shot.

08 August 2021
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