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FIRST time ANAl for your B-Day

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Ariana Aimes first time ever having anal sex on camera. Ariana has cooked you dinner for your birthday. You have told her that you dont want a gift from her. She is very confused by this and you explain that you only want her for the night. She laughs and mentions how she knows you love her pussy. You quickly bring up the fact that you bought her a gift. She cant understand why you would do this but quickly realizes once she sees what youve gotten her. It is two butt plugs because all you want for your birthday is to try anal sex with her for the very first time. She is very hesitant and scared but finally agrees because she wants to please you. Ariana runs off to your bathroom to prepare her asshole and try out her new plugs for you. When she comes back she tells you that she believes her ass is nice and stretched out for you. Then, you slide your cock into her ass for the first time ever. You fuck Ariana in many positions until you cum all over her gaping asshole. Fantasy includes: Anal, painal, first time, anal virginity, butt plugs, boy girl, bg, ebony, birthday, roleplay, pov, anal riding, anal doggy, anal missionary, ass to mouth, atm, HD, 1080p, reality, hardcore, rough

05 August 2021
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[] Ariana Aimes - FIRST time ANAl for your B-Day (Download: Cloudfile)