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It appears as if Ruth Blackwell isnt the only black cock slut carrying a child. Hydii May is waiting for her worthless boyfriend to get home so they can get to Lamaze class. Its too bad that hed rather flake on the mother of his child than do whats right. It just so happens that his friend, Chilly Chill, has also been left high and dry and paybacks in order. Chilly comforts the pregnant maiden and his game lands her on her knees and sucking on his big, black cock. Hydii Mays cheating ways matter not since revenge is a dish best served with a helping of black horse cock. Hydiis mouth swallows in as much of that slab of black beef as her gag reflex will allow. Hydii gets in some breathing exercises as she braces herself for a black cock thats as wide as her thighs. Hydiis getting absolutely slammed as her babys feeling its first earthquake. Chilly gets behind that white ass and does his thing as those lactating tits shake. Hydii is given time off her feet as Chillys Compton cock collides with her vulva. Hydiis screams during this interracial extravaganza will be matched in decibel level when her baby arrives in a week or so. However, shes not going to any class without first getting some black butter on her pregnant belly. Hydiis boyfriend will eventually find out his girls pussy has been completely decimated. However, we have a feeling she wont be telling him who did it.

05 August 2021
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