OMG ! Daddy Came In Me


Alyssa wants to have a slumber party but her dad says she didn't ask permission. See what this slut does to get what she wants. Alyssa is a horny little slut that always gets what she wants. She is on the phone planning a slumber party when her dad walks in. He overhears her talking to her friend and asks “Excuse me, who said you could have a slumber party”? Alyssa tells her friend she’ll call her back and hangs up the phone. “What if I wanted to invite my friend over? He asked. She tells him that she has already invited her friends over and pussy rules the house. “Your mother isn’t here.” He remarks.I meant me” she says putting his hand on her pussy. Alyssa has some trouble getting his big dick in her little mouth but manages to get his 9 inch cock down her throat. “It’s so big I’m not sure how it’s going to fit in my little hole” Alyssa tells him. Her dad tells her not to worry and lies down so she can get on top and ease herself down on his thick cock. “Oh my god daddy you’re so big” she moans as he fills her tiny hole. Alyssa leans back screaming as her dad thrusts his dick in and out of his daughter’s pussy.He flips her around and bends her over doggie style against the headboard. “Smack my ass daddy” she shouts. Alyssa’s dad lifts her legs and pounds her from behind before putting laying her on her back and shoving his dick deep. “Fuck me harder daddy” she tells him. He pumps his cock hard and moans as he cums inside his daughter’s pussy. “Here you go honey, I gave you a present” he joked. “Oh my god dad what if I get pregnant?” she screams.

28 December 2021
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