Mom Helps Son With A Problem That Is Just Too Big

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Victoria is a 45 yr old house wife. She comes into the kitchen where she sees her son Tyler sitting at the table but looking a little down. When she asks him whats going on he explains that he had plans with some friends today but they bailed. Also a little hesitantly he mentions that he’s having problems with his girlfriend. Victoria and Tyler are very close so he feels that he can confide in her. She pushes him a little and Tyler tells her that he and his girlfriend have stopped having sex because she tells him that he is “too big ” for her. He asks Victoria if that could be true. Victoria laughs when she hears this but tells him no and that the problem is with his girlfriend. They keep talking about it until Victoria suggests that the only way she could know for sure is if she could see her son’s erect penis. Tyler is hesitant but finally unzips his fly and lets his mom take a look. Victoria’s hands take out his cock and stroke him until he is fully erect. Tyler is moaning in ecstasy as his moms expert hands work on his cock. Almost without thinking Victoria runs her tongue up and down his hard shaft . Victoria suggests that they go into the other room so she can get it as hard as possible and they both go into the guest room. Once in the guest room they both get naked. Victoria has an excellent body for a woman her age. Her 36DD breasts are staring Tyler in the face as his mom lays him on his back and begins to suck hard on his cock. Soon his cock is as hard as it can get and Victoria mounts him. She rides his cock fast and hard. Now Victoria lets her son fuck her doggie style. They fuck in several positions and finally he nuts full in his mom’s mouth. Victoria swallows some and lets some of his cum flow onto her big ample breasts.

02 October 2021
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[] Victoria Madison aka Tori Dean - Mom Helps Son With A Problem That Is Just Too Big (Download: Cloudfile)