Mother's Day Present: Mallory Sierra

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Mom is doing dishes when she spills some water on her new dress. She strips, puts her apron back on to continue doing her chores. She gets turned on by the sight of her own breasts, starts fondling them. She doesn't think anyone is home, so she begins to play with herself, touching her pussy, moaning. You peek around the corner, see her naked, masturbating, you decide to do some masturbating of your own. But she catches you, asks what you're doing home. You quickly hand her the mug you bought her for Mother's Day. She smiles, thanks you but suggests that you're too old now for such gifts. "I can think of something more age-appropriate," she says, and without missing a beat, she gets down on her knees, pulls down your underwear, starts giving you a blowjob.

13 September 2020
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