Inside My Sister

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Kissa and John have been living with John's sister Adriana in an old Victorian home. John is tidying up by vacuuming and Kissa is relaxing on the sofa. The vacuum shorts the fuse and Kissa asks, "want me to flip the fuse box again?" John says, "no, it's a loose wire. I know how to fix it. I've seen it done back when my parents lived in this old house." Kissa's eyes go wide with worry. She knows that John has a tendency to think he's an expert at anything he's read about or seen done. She tries to get him to call an electrician, but he huffs at her with annoyance. "Hand me the plastic screw driver," he instructs Kissa. Kissa's eyes are glued on the open socket and she reaches into the tool bag and grabs a steel screwdriver with a plastic handle. John is focused on his work and inserts the screwdriver carefully into the socket. "I need the wrench," he tells Kissa. Kissa grabs the wrench and drops it into his outstretched hand when *zzzzzzzaaaapppp!* The two are electrocuted and Kissa falls to the floor, John falls on top of her sinking deep, deep into a new vortex.

12 September 2020
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