Classmate vs. Katrina: Anal Blackmail!

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Stunning starlet Katrina Jade receives a text from an old high school classmate, Jessy Jones. Having discovered her burgeoning porn career, he wants to re-establish relations. But when the outrageous, provocatively tattooed beauty cuts off communication, Jessy responds like a twisted sociopath: He has possession of a depraved, incriminating photo of Katrina with her stepbrother, so Jessy threatens to expose the evidence on social media if Katrina won't meet with him. Seeing the photo, she realizes she must do anything she can to prevent it from going viral. Jessy visits Katrina to negotiate an agreement, the sadistic deviant sickening Katrina. He blackmails her over the photo, giving the wayward slut two choices: Have sex with him and keep her secret safe, or have the humiliating truth exposed. As Jessy gropes Katrina's fine body, she suddenly stops him, wondering if he'll actually delete the pictures once the deed is done. Jessy tells her that he's willing to let her delete the photos from his phone, but there's a catch: She must surrender all of her holes to the perverted psychopath. Perplexed and out of options, Katrina accepts the blackmailer's conditions. Katrina starts by giving Jessy a worshipful blowjob, gagging and slobbering on his massive cock. Jessy returns the oral favor, feasting on her pussy and asshole, and then he bends her over for a serious cunt pounding. The petrified beauty whimpers as Jessy chokes her and pummels her sweet twat. While sucking dick, she wraps her perky tits around her hung admirer's meat. Jessy's finger probes her, and his thick prick reams out her tight asshole. Conflicted by the sensations she's feeling and her doubts about the decision she's made, Katrina moans, expressing disbelief at her predicament. She grinds on Jessy, still attempting to resist enjoyment, but fondling her wet pussy and slurping his dick ass-to-mouth. Climaxing an intense anal encounter, Jessy slathers Katrina's face in hot cum. As promised, he hands over his phone, which Katrina refuses to return to the blackmailing creep.

11 September 2020
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