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Sisters Make Scents

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Includes: Kissa Sins, Adriana Chechik, and their brother Johnny Sins, humor, creampieKissa and Adriana overheard their conservative parents conspiring to send John away. They don't understand him, he's not like the other senior boys at High School. He's a sort of girls' guy, he loves to hang out with his sisters and their girlfriends, dress in three-piece suits, keep his hands manicured, his body in tip top shape, but is he in need of religious counseling? The parents suspect that he might be gay. John is the total opposite of gay, just check under his mattress where he keeps his his naughty magazines. John is shocked and scared to hear about their parents plan to send him away, but how can he convince them that he's straight as an arrow? His sisters have a plan.Adriana explains, "when I first started having sex with my boyfriend, my mom could smell it on me. I couldn't deny that I was having wet, wild sex, the smell was all over me, my clothes, and my room. We just need to get turned on and wet, and smear our juices all over." Kissa smiles, "I'll put some on your face, and you can kiss mom, she'll smell another woman on you, and she'd never send you away." John scoffs, "you're seriously going to masturbate in front of me?" Adriana rolls her eyes, "don't look, stupid, just turn your head." The girls masturbate and start to get wet, very wet, they try to stifle their moans, and John tries his hardest not to peek but he he can't help himself.

23 July 2020
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[] Adriana Chechik, Kissa Sins - Sisters Make Scents (Download: Flashbit | Cloudfile)