A Sons Revenge II


Prelude: In her words) If God is truly patient and merciful he’ll understand I need to sin, at least until I figure out which man I want. Father forgive me, last Friday I came home and lied to my husband, I told him I was out with my girlfriends, in reality I was coming home late from fucking my boss. My boss came inside of me and my panties were still sopping wet and warm. My husband wrapped his arms around me and smelled my neck, my heart started to race; could he could smell another man? He took off my clothes and I gave in to him. He hadn’t touched me in years but it was if he smelled my sex like pheromones and had to take me. He thrusted himself into another man’s wetness, my pussy was sore, wet, and swollen, he came inside of me and slept by me. His heavy arm felt like an anvil on my chest. I felt helpless, horny, and imprisoned. I might need to make things right someday by getting a divorce but my husband is a good man, we’ve got a son and he just turned eighteen.. Natasha glances at the time, "fuck.. I'm running late."

23 minutes
21 June 2022
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