Step-Mother and Step-Daughter Tied Up, Porked by Robber


Casca and her step-daughter, Aria, are at home on a Friday afternoon getting ready to go out. Casca has a date with her new Boyfriend and Aria is going to a party with her slutty friends. Aria is in the kitchen making a sandwich when she hears a knock on the door. When she looks through the peep hole no one is there. She decides to investigate, so she opens her door and walks outside. A half a second later a robber grabs her from behind and gags her with a cloth in her mouth. He then takes her inside, shuts the door, and positions himself on top of her. She is kicking and trying to break free but he is too powerful for her. He proceeds to tie her up so she can’t escape. That’s when he hears Aria’s step-mother, Casca, calling out to Aria from her bathroom. Casca is wearing a towel around her and that is it. She is standing in front of the mirror putting on makeup. The Robber then creeps up on her, grabs her from behind, and takes her to the floor. She tries to fight but he is too strong. He ties her up just like Aria. A minute later he drags the two of them into the bedroom and the too girls are laying next to each other tied up. Robber proceeds to fuck them both as the other one watches. Once he is finished he shoots his load deep inside Casca’s vagina and then he hauls ass with all their stuff.

21 June 2022
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[Amateur Boxxx/] Casca Akashova,Aria Banks - Step-Mother and Step-Daughter Tied Up, Porked by Robber (Download: Tezfile)