Roommate Adrian Trained to Serve

Studio by: Primal Fetish

My roommate Adrian acts like she is sweet and innocent, but she knows how she looks in the tiny little clothes she wears. She acts like I am harmless. I have recently learned how to change how she thinks…Masters hypnotizes Adrian into stripping while chanting her mantra, “I am a stupid, cock-teasing slut, desperate for attention.” He then commands her to masturbate while saying, “I am a desperate, horny slut who needs to cum all the time.” After she has an orgasm he commands her to give him a blowjob and chant, “I am a mindless cocksucking slut and I love to suck my Master’s cock.” Well, she chants that when she doesn’t have a cock in her mouth…. Anyhoo, he blows his load and she repeats her hypnotic phrase with his cum dribbling from her mouth.

03 March 2023
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