clip 10

Studio by: Hypnolust

My sexy yet unforgiving boss wakes up not remembering a thing (nor does she realize that I dressed her up) and again, she gives me a hard time regarding my (harmless) comments about my female co-workers tits. Needless to say, my remark about her big tits does not go over too well. In fact it makes her fire me right then and there. Here we go again, time for another lesson. Casey’s eyes go dim and now she is ready to be “modified” and programmed.I am a robot, I am my masters creation. First we program her to be her masters horny fuck toy which loves to get fucked from behind. It gets really hot when I have her place a thrusting vibrator on her clit and then “deactivate” her sensory circuit, which means, she is not allowed to even show signs that she feels the vibrator. Poor thing goes crazy from there. Really a fantastic robot segment. Steaming hot

01 March 2023
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[Hypnolust] Casey Cumz - clip 10 (Download: Flashbit | Cloudfile)