Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation - Humiliated And Tortured


Lady Janet is sexy, beautiful, sadistic and she is cruel. That’s for sure! She enjoys slaves with passion…just for her pleasure! It starts with a great victory posing keeping her slave down under her sexy high heel leather boots. Hogtied bound he is laying on the cold floor at Lady Janet’s sexy boots and at her mercy. His problem is that Lady Janet doesn’t show mercy. She wants to humiliate this fucking male bitch for her own amusement! She placed a well worn pair of high heel shoes in some distance and orders him to craw at her sexy shoes for licking them clean. His balls are bound and connected with a rope. While her slave crawls over the floor tying to reach her shoes Lady Janet steps on the rope so he himself by stretching his useless balls. Lady Janet him to keep crawling laughing a lot at this stupid idiot who is trying to reach her shoes on a painful way. Then she commands him to lick all the dirt of her elegant high heel shoes. Her slave has a collar around his neck and inbetween she him brutal by pulling at the leash and at the rope which is connected with his balls. Sometimes she pulls very hard keeping his breath away and his balls at the same time. This one is just a great femdom clip with some bondage, CBT, shoe worship, victory posing, boots domination and breath control. You’ll love it! German language with English subtitles!

27 November 2022
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Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation - Humiliated And Tortured (Download: Tezfile)