An Lis Ass - Slaves Are For Hurting - Full Movie


First, you tie the bitch up. Make sure his arms and legs are entirely bound and helpless so he can’t fight back. Then you strap him down to the bench so he can’t run away. And finally, you hurt him.Because what’s the point of tying a bitch up if you can’t have fun with him?First with some good ol’-fashioned spanking. And let’s throw in some punches in there for good measure, because why not? And then the piece de resistance: whipping. Each whip stroke precisely landing on his back and his ass, intended to punish him and entertain me. From the side, on top of him, and all around him.He struggles, but good thing he’s tied down. It’s funny how pathetic he is. So easy to walk all over, literally and figuratively.And when I’m done? A couple expert strokes to his balls while his genitals are bound in a humbler…an indication of what’s to come…

27 November 2022
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An Lis Ass - Slaves Are For Hurting - Full Movie (Download: Tezfile)