Awoken by her smelly feet


Dita has just came home and found her boyfriend napping on the sofa in their living room. She don’t want to wake him so so instead of watching TV she starts a quiet reading. Dita makes her self comfortable putting her feet on the coffee table coincidentally right in front of her boyfriend’s face. She’s wearing flats and in these particular ones her feet gets always really sweaty and smelly and now, she’s even dangling them on her feet letting all the smell out. It does not take long time for her boyfriend to smell her feet and it awakes him and immediately turns him on. He starts to smell in between the shoe and Dita’s foot and it’s awesome smell. Dita notices him after a while and knowing about his foot fetish needs she’s happy he don’t mind her smelly feet. On contrary he loves them! So she let’s him smell and worship her feet and even encourages him and teases him by her sexy big and sweaty feet.

27 November 2022
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Awoken by her smelly feet (Download: Tezfile)