An Lis Ass - Predickament - Full Movie


I love it when a man is exposed and vulnerable. It makes it so easy and fun for me to torment him in all his weakest bits. And you know I love hitting a man where he’s weakest. ??So of course my slave is frogtied down to the table, his thighs open to present his silly little balls for me. I have his balls tied up to the edge of the table, tautly pulling those weak gonads down while his arms are restricted by his sides. I’ve duct-taped my underwear into his mouth, gagging him so that he is unable to say no. He is utterly helpless.And that hemp rope is oh-so-very tight. The kind of tight where a little bit of tension, the slightest touch on the rope, procures the most delightful yelps of pain from his gagged mouth. With all that bloodpressure gathering around his nuts, my ever squeeze, scratch, and pinch hurts him to his core.So I get a little bit handsy. I grope his already quite sensitive balls, thoroughly inspecting them, closing my hands around them so they feel my control. I scratch at them. I pinch them. I slap them. I hit them.What a predicament he’s found himself in.

24 November 2022
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An Lis Ass - Predickament - Full Movie (Download: Tezfile)