So You’re Saying There’s A Chance


So if you’re not aware of 19-year-old Dylan’s casting over at then you’re a ‘BIG - L’ who’s been living under a rock these past few weeks because this week's exploit is on fire and she’s here to get her naughty on and explore her sexuality in more detail. We’ll get to more of that later and let me state the obvious. This girl is scorchingly hot and has the best fucking tits, ass, legs, torso and DSL’s of any 19 year old on this planet. This girl might be only 19 years of age but she’s sporting the body of a fully developed 26-year-old knockout and I can’t for the life of me find a fucking thing that isn’t perfect on her. Her pussy is also one of the most breathtaking fuck boxes I have ever gazed my eyes upon and I don’t think this girl knows how gorgeous she is and right off the bat you can tell this shy Southern gal is nervous. Nervous for one because she’s never done this before. Nervous for two because she’s super attracted to Tyler and has never had “all this before;” meaning a guy with defined pectorals, abs and the V transversus abdominis muscle that Tyler sports so nonchalantly, and when it’s revealed to the female persuasion is a sure fire panty dropper. Ok I bet I know what all of you are thinking. How can our ‘All Mighty Creator’ be so laughingly cruel to have bestow such colossal and persuasive powers upon some dude with such little couth. Well, who ever said life was fare right? Anyways, she also commented in the shower about how she’s never had sex with anyone that’s been really good at it before and it’s obvious girl that you’ve been fucking the wrong guys. In her own words in fact she admitted her past standards were ‘kind of messed up’ until recently and most of the 8 guys she’s fucked up until today have been the thing next to your bedside. One night stands. Not sure of the back-stories there but I’m sure they’re all fucking interesting because all great stories begin with “My standards have been kind of messed up.” But let me clarify something because this sure as fuck doesn’t diminish her in anyway mind you and in fact it kind of heightens the coy sexiness and pure enthusiasm to explore her darkest desires with total strangers I think. So one of her secret desires she admits as we get to know Dylan is to be watched for the very first time while having sex on camera and THANK – YOU – GOD!!! You really do exist because you’ve answered our prayers by delivering to us this vision of perfection that we get to legally exploit on camera for all you sick fucks whom we so proudly call our loyal fans. Ok calm down Steve this isn’t like you’ve cured cancer or anything because after all this is just a girl with beautiful and amazing tits, who also just happens to have an out of this world spectacular snatch. It is quite spectacular BTW, and this girl's gorgeousness is in fact only intensified by her reluctant/hesitant demeanor that was oh so present throughout the entire shoot and you’re what we like to call a fucking bombshell girl. A unicorn. Ok, ok, ok, ok. So if you want a blow by blow of what happened in this 2 hour plus behemoth just look at the tags below because I’m not going to list them so pornishy in my write up. It’s all there for you to read and imagine the way Tyler gave her the first of two orgasms as he fingered that moist pink perfectly shaped slit, followed by the gentle passionate tongue lashing that sent her over the edge for the second O of the day before he stuck his cock down her throat and face fucked that pretty to tears. So gentlemanly of you Tyler, but that was just the appetizer to this submissive gal begging him to fuck her silly and pound that pink slit to multiple orgasms, which he eagerly delivered on. Rimming? Of course, we aren’t pussies, and we get off just as much as you do to convincing girls to do naughty things on camera that they won’t do for their boyfriends in the privacy of their own homes and there’s so much, much more to this gal than what meets the eye. So enjoy everyone and I kept a lot of the shower in this one as BTS because Tyler gave her a nice facial in it and it’s . . . you know, Dylan. So if you don’t like the shower portions of my scenes don’t watch it. But as you all have been screaming over at BRCC . . . “WE WANT MORE OF THIS GIRL!” And so it shall be. Here it is, and there’s more cumming.

30 December 2022
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