Inexperience. There Is No Substitute


Let me introduce Dani to everyone and this girl who’s sporting braces, curls and the sweetest smile BTW, is new to everything. And when I say everything, it’s probably easier to list all the things she has done sexually verses hasn’t. The hasn’t list seems to go on and on and even though she may be 21 years of age, age doesn’t necessarily mean she’s had much experience in the genitalia department. Which makes her super nervous about today and more importantly makes this scene soooooooooo much hotter I think. In fact this girl hasn’t fucked more than 4 guys total and has only had 1 boyfriend who she claims to of fucked ‘a lot’ over the summer they dated; and when asked how much sex they had she said, “at least 10 times, well over the entire summer I mean.” Wow! That much or once every 10 days for the whole entire 3-month long summer is a lot when you’re 18 and naive I suppose; and what’s even more cute and niave was her innocently admitting to having had only ‘vanilla’ sexual experiences with the less than one handful of guys who’ve had the pleasure of penetrating this younglings’ tiny pussy. It is pretty spectacularly small that pussy and looks like it should be attached to a pre-teen that just discovered her clitoris and hasn’t lost her hymn yet. But I know what’s on your minds everyone. You’re all dying to hear this list of hasn’t done before or firsts, so let’s touch on a few shall we of this girl’s ExCoGi TOP 10 and HERE – WE – GO!

30 December 2022
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