Cum Waterfall - The Holy Grail of Creampies


There are some events in this universe that are so spectacularly rare and happen only once or twice every 100 years or so, and for that matter might happen only once or twice in someone’s lifetime that it makes them worth noting. A few of these events are Halley’s Comet for one which comes into our solar system only once every 75 to 76 years and will make it’s next appearance again in 2061. Another is an exploding star or supernova that goes off on average only twice a century in a galaxy the size of our Milky Way. Another rarity is when Venus occults or hides Jupiter from earths view, happening only once every 250 years. Even more rare is our solar system's planetary alignment happening only once ever 1,000 years and won’t occur again until May 6th , 2492 when all 9 planets of our solar system are in a strait line. I will let you ponder that for a few seconds ……… That’s a fucking long time. Almost an eternity some might say, and as the great philosopher Woody Allen once said, ‘eternity is an awful long time, especially towards the end.” But lets talk about sex shall we because I’m just as fascinated with orgasms and just as elusive or rare as a Sasquatch sighting is, the most rare of orgasmic events that tops them all is the Holy Grail of creampies, or as it’s more unfamiliarly called, a Cum Waterfall. Not sure how often they occur, and to be honest I had never heard of one before until it exploded on our bed May 30, 2022 and Rocky was beside himself with amazement. “Do you know what just happened!!!,” he excitedly said in astonishment! A cum waterfall is when a girl is Double Penetrated by two men. Yes it has to be men with functioning penises, and they all three orgasm at the EXACT - SAME - TIME. Timing, that’s important here, because it’s not a cum waterfall unless they all three cum at the same time and then the cum becomes a waterfall when the ‘guys’ pull out and their cum gushes out of both her holes, mixed with her girl cum, in a glorious waterfall. Well it happened on this particular day and I had never heard of one up until now and I’m getting up there. I’m just fired up to of witnessed one and will most likely never behold another in person ever again. Because lets be honest, how many people actually watch other people having threesomes “in – person” that includes getting DP’d without actually participating in it themselves, and more importantly when everyone actually cums at the exact same time? Pretty astonishing, and like the total lunar eclipse I gazed upon in wonder from Oregon in 2017 which was pretty cool, I’m just happy I got to witness a Cum Waterfall with my naked eyes and it happened here so I hope you all enjoy watching this amazing sexual event unfold. And remember people to look up at the night sky occasionally. It’s a big Big BIG universe out there and it’s only getting bigger, expanding actually away from us at 330,000 - 370,000 km/s and that’s faster then the speed of light. So I’ll leave you with that, and of course Tyler pissed inside Mira’s pussy as a last - lingering - thought. Steve

30 December 2022
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