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Mamalicious Mamacita


Angelina Castro is one hot-assed, huge-boobed sexed-up Cuban-American with a playful nature and a take-charge attitude. When Angelina wants to play horny house for the afternoon, she gets what she wants. Angelina is aggressive and when she needs a cock, she takes over until she gets the amount of inches of man-meat she wants. "Do all Cubans have big asses?" Mr. Largo asks, rubbing his hands all over Angelina's round butt-cheeks. "Some of them but guess what?" Angelina says. "I'm the only Castro you can fuck. All Cubans have big asses but this package comes with big ass boobs!" She rubs her tits over her top as she says this. 'That's so true," notes Mr. Largo. "I haven't seen girls with big asses and big tits." Angelina is not in the mood for small talk when there is fucking to do. She grabs his head and pulls it into her deep cleavage. "Shut up and come fuck me!" she demands. They both laugh. "How big are they?" he asks. "Extra-fucking big!" says Angelina. "How big are you?!" Angelina will find out how big in a few second. On her knees, she sucks and slurps his dick to the base with wet lips before they lock loins in sizzling hot fuck positions. Angelina Castro has got the sex drive of three women and she likes to keep her foot on the accelerator!

17mn 53s
20 July 2020
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