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Noi.Total babe,does anal,likes butt plugs,Needs sex daily.Will wear you out.Once again I found myself roaming the agogo's of Bangkok looking for some live entertainment. Decided to trek down to Soi Cowboy to take a look at the local wares. There was some pretty girls standing outside alot of the bars but they're," Coyote only" and many of those won't go with customers no matter what the price. It's a bit of a scam as it's sort of a bait and switch. You go into those bars and you find the ,"normal dancer's" are a least two notches below the ,"coyotes". I went into one of the bars that has no coyotes so that I wouldn't have to deal with the nonsense and that's where I saw Noy. She was pretty and seemed more than willing to make some more money than her usual night at the bar. I took her back to the homestead and started fiddling her pastry as soon as I got in the door. She had a very ,"do whatever you like to me", attitude that makes these nights go so much smoother. We set up and started rocking and rolling but Noy seemed a little stiff. She was unsure of how she should perform so she asked for a drink to settle her down and get her nice and relaxed. Luckily I had some Tequila on hand which I normally don't have. She downed a double shot and it was just the trick she needed to really turn up the heat. I rammed her throat and pussy quite nicely if I do say so myself. Later it was on to her ass as she was quite in the mood at this point. She really liked me fucking her arse and turned into a real anal trooper moaning "fuck my ass" while thrusting herself with some bargirl vigor. As I was squeezing her tits I started noticing some milky fluids dribbling down my arm. I added some tit squirting action for a little more spice to the scene. Don't get many of those around here so that's always a special treat. I ended up dumping my load in her pussy hole for some creampie action, which she duly dribbled out into her shot glass and swallowed like some sort of cum crazed ho. Man, now that's entertainment.

20 June 2022
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