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Trained ballet dancer Rebecca dances for your entertainment. You might notice that she does absolutely no ballet moves at all, and instead gyrates her hip in a nice pair of black leggings. That is not that she cannot do ballet, she just prefers to casually show of her fucking fit figure. Now being an employee of, and ambassador for the Provincial Coconut Oil Consortium, Rebecca is keen to demonstrate one excellent use for coconut oil. It is an excellent lubricant for anal sex. Slides nice and easily up her tight back passage with the application of room temperature coconut oil. Now all that sperm on her face afterwards, you might notice that she is perfectly content with that on her face, as she had earlier rubber coconut oil all over her boat race. I am sure those two tattoos on her small titties were not there last time I saw her. Anyway, always glad to meet a gorgeous girl in a significant role in a well respected trading organization. You might not see Rebecca on the street, but if you want a good ass fuck with a swivel hip dancer, order exportable volumes of coconut oil, and watch it all on video.

06 August 2021
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[] Rebecca - Hardcore (Download: Cloudfile)