Roxy(Reluctant Latina Gets Creampied)


Welcome back folks, this week we’ve got sweet and petite Roxy. Roxy is a smoke show, and by looking at her you’d think she’d be like 22-23yo. Nope, she's 29 years old and aging like a fine wine. It’s hard to believe actually. That skin is so smooth, and she’s put together so damn well. So this is gonna be fun. Roxy’s an office assistant and wants a career change, so you know what that means? That’s right, she’s here for adult videos, and just like the thousands before her, we’re gonna set her straight. Roxy isn’t a shy girl, but she certainly isn’t just giving us her life story which is kinda nice. She’s playful and a bit coy, fun. She’s also isn’t as quick to just hop up and show off her goods. She’s legitimately slow playing this a bit, and it’s kinda funny. Sweetie, you wanna suck dick on camera, it’s kind of a given we’re gonna see you naked. Once Rick gets her out of those clothes she opens up a little more. Rick has her play with herself, and in an effort to really get her in the mood I go down on her for a sec. That musta gotten her nice and worked up because as YOU ALL KNOW the oral exam is next. She sucks a good dick Roxy does, and before she knows it she’s getting slammed from behind in doggy. We’re really off to the races from there. Sex on the couch and desk. Some passionate missionary on the couch, right into the butt stuff. She has no problem riding my cock and taking it deep, I even think she likes it. I fuck her in the chair before I swap straight to that pussy and load her up. Rick has her taste some of the cum that came out of her, and back to the couch she goes. As we’re doing the end game stuff, you’ll see she’s still kinda playing with that pussy which I found incredibly hot. She gets a 10 for all that great anal action, but no money as that dress goes on, and out the door she goes.

16 May 2023
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08 December 2023
08 December 2023