Only Us

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Gorgeous brunette Tina Kay is in bed with Nick Ross, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Only Us" begins. The lovers kiss passionately, hands exploring and bodies moving in harmony. Nick frees Tina’s beautiful breasts from her bodysuit and caresses them as he strokes her pussy until her wetness seeps through the fabric. She moans softly as he sucks her nipples, then unfastens her lingerie and licks between her plump pussy lips, giving her a powerful climax. Soon they are both naked; Tina jerks and sucks Nick’s hard cock eagerly, before straddling him in cowgirl. She gasps as she impales herself on his erection, then sinks down and starts riding him energetically, her sexy ass bouncing in his lap. Hips rocking wildly, she trembles through another intense orgasm. They switch to spoons, Nick’s thrusts driving Tina to another wild peak of bliss as he cums inside her hot pussy.

27 June 2022
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