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Roxi Red Makes The Milkman Cometh


Superwoman Roxi Red has met all kinds of dudes. Now she encounters a dude who wants to see her dressed in a fetish outfit, and to top that off, he wants Roxi to drink milk out of a bowl, then dip her famous, massive tits into the double bowl. When she lifts her boobs up, they drip with the creamy stuff. Roxi kneels so the milkman can palm her breasts. His hands are dwarfed by the sheer size of her heavy hangers. He picks up the bowl and pours the remaining milk all over them, then feels them up again. Roxi stands up and sits on the couch next to the milkman so she can get her nipples licked and sucked. Her nipples are very sensitive. She's never met a guy who wasn't a breast-man because she converts everyone into a breast-man once they get with her. No guy alone with Roxi can resist sticking his cock between her enormous melons.

09 August 2021
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