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The Morning After


Having appeared in 11 HD erotic feature films to date, Alexa Tomas is an established and popular Sexart star. While her costar here, Joel Tomas, has been less prolific, he has performed in four previous Sexart productions. But “The Morning After,” which was produced just over a year ago, is actually the very first time either actor appeared in a Sexart motion picture. Alexa is sleeping peacefully as the film opens. But when she awakens she’s startled to discover that she’s been sleeping in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room. And the fact that she’s still wearing the dress she was wearing the previous evening only deepens the mystery. When Joel appears he’s a perfect gentleman — he provides her with a clean t-shirt to change into, prepares her breakfast, but offers little in the way of explanation. Shortly thereafter, alone in the bathroom, details of the previous night — including one too many beers — come rushing back. Their date may have ended a bit early, but in the bright light of morning Alexa decides that there’s still time to enjoy what might have been. She joins Joel in the living room, drops the towel that conceals her exquisite body, and gives him a long, affectionate, and enthusiastic blowjob. Joel then scoops Alexa up in his arms and carries her into the bedroom where he proceeds to eat her pussy. Alexa is soon nearly giddy and breathless with pleasure, but there’s an undercurrent of genuine tenderness and mutual attraction throughout the interlude. Soon the first-time lovers are fucking in the first of several positions, and with Alexa on top they vigorously hump and grind to a powerful and intense final orgasm. First dates can be tricky, but when a couple have real feelings for one another waiting until “The Morning After” can be the best way to begin a torrid romance.

05 August 2021
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