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Healing Of Her Broken Heart

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You've been secretly getting off to Charlotte Sartre for years, but she just sees you as a friend. It's been frustrating to watch as she keeps getting into bad relationships with bad boyfriends who don't treat her right, but she finally says she's had enough and she finally realizes that you've been taking care of her all along. You can hardly believe it when she slides her hand over your cock, but she's ready to move on and she's anxious to get started with you right this minute. You wouldn't want to lose out on a chance to fuck the petite, brunette beauty that you've been dreaming about. You move her to the bedroom and play out over depraved fantasy you've ever had about Charlotte and she eagerly joins in at every step. You don't even have to ask to get her mouth around your cock for a blowjob and it looks as hot as you'd pictured it. Nothing feels as good as sliding your cock into her pussy, though. If she'd realized how big your cock was or how good you'd feel, she would have done this a long time ago. Get caught up in the passion as you move from position to position, filling her up and taking what you've always wanted from her until you can't help but cum.

06 January 2021
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