Boss Bitch

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Lauren Phillips knows you have a thing for Joan from the show, ''Mad Men''. That is why she came to the office in character during the Halloween Office Party. Sure, you two have flirted around a bit but today she is going to be the ''Boss Bitch'' and demand more. After locking the door, Lauren Phillips approaches you while acting out the roll she knows turns you on. Today, you both are going all the way. Not only is Lauren Phillips letting you turn her into your personal cum slut but she is going to take it even further. She wants you to bend her over the desk and stick your hard cock deep inside of her ass. She sees you always eyeing her perfect ass and what better way to give it to you than in character as Joan. Time to be a real-life Don Draper and if you play your cards right, Lauren may even let you cum deep inside of her perfectly curved ass...

03 March 2023
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