My Boss’ Approval


It wasn’t just her impressive CV what made Cherry Kiss hiring Tiffany Tatum as her assistant, but also her smokin’ hot body (that was a bonus). When you invited Cherry to VirtualRealPorn congress, she didn’t hesitate in taking Tiffany. The welcome day was the moment when Cherry was finally able to kiss Tiffany’s lips, touch her smooth tits and masturbate her vagina with her fingers. As it was getting late, they decided to pause what they had started until the end of the party. The surprise for them was that, as well was wanting to lick each other’s clitoris very badly, they ended up inviting you to their private after party. It was the right moment to show your skills doing cowgirl position on the hotel room table and to learn how to satisfy the boss with a VR creampie.

01 October 2021
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[] Tiffany Tatum, Cherry Kiss - My Boss’ Approval (Download: Cloudfile)